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Discover the Latest Enhancements from Finology Software!

As July ushers in the dog days of summer, we’re excited to share how Finology Software is keeping things cool with our latest enhancements designed to keep pace with the rapidly evolving federal student loan repayment landscape while also helping financial advisors elevate their services. 

With the much-anticipated SAVE Plan launching this July, millions of Americans could see their federal student loan payments reduced by as much as 50%, with many low earners having their monthly payments reduced to $0. While the financial implications for those with student debt could be substantial, many are confused about eligibility, the enrollment process, and which plan is best given variables such as income, martial status, tax status, and career path. Financial advisors using Finology Software are uniquely positioned to seize this opportunity, guiding early-career, high-income-potential clients to optimize their student loan payments and enhance their overall financial wellness.

What’s New with Finology Software?

  • Community Engagement: On June 27, we hosted our first-ever community webinar. Clients and interested advisors got an exclusive look at our new features and heard first-hand insights from super users Ryan Galiotto, founder of Etch Financial, and Steve Witter, The Legend Group. Mark your calendar for our next session on August 1, 2024, at noon ET. Invitations and links will be sent soon!
  • Enhanced Resources: We’ve significantly upgraded the Resources section on finology.tech, now featuring an extensive FAQ section and a glossary of terms to simplify using our tools and navigating student loan repayment complexities.
  • Continuous Improvement: Driven by our ambitious development schedule and feedback from our growing community, Finology Software is evolving to offer an even more intuitive and complete user experience. Our goal is to make finology.tech your go-to platform for all your clients’ debt management and repayment needs.

Time to Take A Fresh Look!

Haven’t checked out Finology Software in a while? Now’s the perfect time! Discover how Finology Software’s comprehensive solution simplifies student loan repayment, enhances client experiences, and fosters overall financial wellness, helping you attract and retain early-career, high-potential clients.

Not ready to commit? Explore the benefits with our seven-day free trial. Start your free trial today and see how expanding your firm’s offerings is easier than ever.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Finology Software community. We look forward to continuing to support your success.

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