A platform for student loan repayment planning

Finology Software delivers solutions for financial advisors, guiding recent grads and current students to long-term financial wellness.


Save time

Focus on what matters most - your clients. Build a path to primary trusted advisor and stronger relationships.

Plan Scenarios

Effortlessly generate pro forma simulations for Federal Income-Driven Repayment Plans

Grow your Firm

Harness the power of Finology's streamlined client onboarding process, directing new clients to advisors and initiating productive planning discussions.

Utilize Data

Access centralized analytics directly from your account dashboard, providing comprehensive insights to enhance your loan management strategies.


Liability Planner

Finology Software’s Liability Planner seamlessly transfers NDLDS file data and easily to modifies new Scenario’s for IDR Planning.

Scenario Planning

Prioritize your clients’ goals and determine possible post-graduate payments for university debt.  Visualize and showcase their student loan repayment lifecycle.