Revolutionizing Student Loan Repayment

Core Principals

  • Commitment To Innovation
  • De-centralized Teams
  • Vendor Accountability
  • Compliant Technology

Customer Experience

  • Building strong customer relationships through personalized experiences
  • Superior UI/UX
  • Customer feedback mechanisms for product improvement.


  • Certified Financial Planners
  • Fee-only Financial Planners
  • CSLPs
  • CCFCs

Our Mission

To empower financial planning and advisory practices with sophisticated technology and intuitive functionality, enhancing their capacity to cater to college graduates’ needs while simultaneously bolstering their own ability to develop and deliver personalized financial wellness solutions.

At the forefront of education finance transformation, we envision a future where navigating student loans is no longer a burden but a seamless experience, empowering borrowers with accessible, user-friendly tools. Our commitment extends beyond innovative software development; we aspire to catalyze a movement toward financial freedom by revolutionizing federal student loan management.

By providing Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and advisors with specialized platforms and resources, we aim to cultivate a community dedicated to advocating for informed borrower decision-making.

Our Vision

Is not just to streamline processes, but to be an integral part of the solution to the student debt crisis in the United States, fostering a landscape where education is accessible, affordable, and empowering for all.

Finology Software provides a cutting-edge solution for student loan repayment planning. Our platform offers an innovative set of tools that help financial advisors streamline their client loan data onboarding process, create automated analytics, simulate federal income-driven repayment plans, and track progress toward completion of specialized programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).