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The Establishment of Finology Software

Finology Software, a new advisor facing software for student loan repayment planning, is now live and available by invitation only.

Released in anticipation of the return to repayment for federal student loans. The web based Finology Software tools easily onboard federal student loan information and optimize the specialized programs that are available to federal student loan borrowers.

The Finology Software platform empowers financial advisors with solutions to centralize all of a client’s federal student loans and easily onboard loan information into an environment to continuously maintain client debt enrolled in income driven repayment plans with robust tools.

Finology Software accommodates for the specialized government forgiveness programs such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) that is available to all public sector employees and non profit organizations including teachers and first responders.

Finology Software has a 7 day free trial and is available for annual subscriptions of $300 a year.

About Finology Software

Finology Software is a financial technology company that provides cutting-edge solutions for financial advisors. Our flagship product, is an innovative set of tools that help financial advisors streamline their client loan onboarding process, create automated data for federal income driven repayment plans, and track progress towards completion of specialized programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

Our mission is to empower financial advisors with advanced functionality and insights, so they can better serve their clients and help them achieve financial wellness.

If you are looking to learn more send an email info@finology.tech

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