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Finology Software Debuts at Wealth Stack

Finology Software exhibited at Wealth Stack and showcased the latest enhancement released in anticipation of return to repayment for federal student loans n October.

Alex Bottom, founder of Finology Software, got together informally with wealthmanagement.com editor Davis Janowski and was able to chat at length about how financial advisors will be integrating student debt into financial plans, view the article here:

At WealthStack, Smaller Tech Firms Inspire, While Some ‘Experts’ Need a History Lesson

Our technology columnist shares some of what inspired-and irritated-him at this year’s WealthStack conference.


Additional background information and company notes:

Finology Software exhibited at Wealth Stack in May held at The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood Beach, Florida. The conference was a remarkable convergence industry leaders and forward-thinking advisors, all seeking to unlock new opportunities and revolutionize the way clients are supported.

Traditionally, midsize to larger firms have shown limited interest in engaging with young professionals carrying substantial student loan liabilities. These individuals represent a valuable client base, and we aim to equip advisors with the tools necessary to serve them effectively.

Small Team Innovation, Big Innovation: Our journey at Finology Software has been a testament the dedication and focus to breaking new ground in this advance-planning niche and the impact a small team can make within a short span of time. We have developed technology that addresses a significant need amongst the millions carrying trillions in debt. Firms are now able to leverage Finology Software’s cutting-edge capabilities, helping their clients navigate their student loans and initiating an enhanced wealth-building process. We take pride in the fact that our solution not only solves a burdensome societal problem but also provides opportunities for advisors to tap into an underserved client segment.

Attending the Wealth Stack was a pivotal moment for Finology Software. The conference offered us a chance to showcase our cutting-edge technology, connect with industry leaders, and receive valuable feedback from forward-thinking advisors. We are more determined than ever to empower advisors in their mission to serve clients effectively and forge a path towards a future where technology-driven solutions transform the wealth management landscape. We extend our gratitude to the organizers, attendees, and fellow participants for making this an unforgettable experience. We look forward to becoming a reliable vendor to firms and creating positive change in the industry.

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